Friday, 28 August 2015

Ten ways to eat Almond Butter

Remember a time when there was no such thing as “nut butter.”
There was peanut butter, smooth or crunchy, and it was not very natural at all. It was full of sugar and hydrogenated oil and no one knew any different. Haven't times changed, now we have our pick of healthy nut and seed butters. But what to do with them?

If you've only had Almond butter on bread, or haven't tried it yet you're in for a treat here's our top ten ways to eat Almond butter.

  1. Spread it over toast and eat plain or top with fresh or dried fruit.

  2. Make a dip with almond butter and cream cheese; use it with fresh cut fruit and veggie sticks. 
  3. Make almond butter cookies

  4. Use it instead of tahini when making hummus

  5. Add to smoothies, like cherry and almond. Just use Almond milk, almond butter and cherries! 
  6. Spread over pancakes

  7. Toss through some seamed green beans, 3tbps per 1lb of beans. 
  8. Use in salad dressing, almond and chilli!

  9. Have a dollop with ice-cream

  10. Spread over crackers, oatcakes and shortbread cookies.

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