Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What's happening on the farm in June?

We've got some new piggies! Here's a picture of our new arrivals. 

The growing season has definitely arrived! We have been flat-out on the farm trying to keep up with all the jobs that need doing.

The Asparagus is in full swing right now and keeps us busy picking this fast growing crop every day whatever the weather, nice on a sunny day but we have got soaked as well! the Rhubarb is growing fast now as well and it won’t be long until we pick our first big load for the ice cream.

All the fruit has now been strawed. This is a bit of an old fashioned exercise these days with many farmers preferring to use herbicides right through the summer, but we prefer to use straw and reduce the amount of herbicides that we have to apply; and it looks nice. We are also reducing pesticide usage in the raspberries this year by using insect traps, this will tell us if there is a population build up of insects that need controlling instead of routinely spraying for something that may not be there.

You may have noticed that the gooseberries have had nets hung over them this year. this is to reduce the amount of crop stolen by pigeons! A pigeon can eat twice its own body-weight in food every day and last year we had a nice residency of about 50 pigeons on the gooseberries each day and we couldn’t seem to scare them away. This year the gooseberries are safe: we hope.

We also have covers on the sweetcorn, sprouts and broccoli down the drive. The sweetcorn has a fleece covering it, this is to protect the young plants should we have a late frost. The brassicas have a fine net which is to keep pigeons away and will help fight of white fly later on when the plants are bigger.

Elsewhere on the farm we have planted our potatoes, pumpkins and squashes. Also in any bare areas we have put in green manures (mostly mustard) to help keep nutrients in the soil and maintain the soil structure.

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