Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer at Alder Carr

It's Summer time!

Summer officially starts in June and it is also the start of the strawberry season and therefore pick your own is now in full swing! Summer is having a great start this year compared to last's years rather wet weather. The fruit was rather late to arrive due to the cold spring, but now the sun has come out we have lots of fruit available. We have also got our tunnels up to weather proof the strawberries this year, after we had so much rain damage last year, so picking can go on whatever the weather.  Strawberries require a lot of work whilst they are fruiting, making sure they are well watered and fed is crucial to getting big berries. As well as strawberries we have also now started picking raspberries, tayberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants. Main crop strawberries are about to end but we will have other varieties available (although in less quantities) well into the summer.

Strawberry picking is great fun for all the family!

On the rest of the farm you may have noticed our lambs are getting very big! They are nearly ready to be weaned from their mums so they can begin getting back into shape for tupping time (a visit from the rams!) in the autumn. Our hay is all safely inside, which is always a relief to know we have a supply of grass for the animals into the winter. We are also now looking for some new Red Poll cows for breeding so we can have a supply of the Suffolk breed of beef in the farm shop.

Red Poll cow and calf

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