Monday, 21 January 2013

Winter on the farm

Winter on the farm is typically the quietest time of year and traditionally it is used as a time to take stock of the year and to undertake many of the maintenance jobs which have been building up over the summer. With all the livestock on the farm we have a lot of fences which need attention so and the tractors need some TLC too.

We are fattening up the last of 2012's lambs, having brought them inside to keep them warm while all this snow is around. Lambing will begin a bit later this year - not till the end of March - so preparations are a little way off. We still need to keep an eye on the ewes and make sure they are eating enough in this cold weather so the lambs are nice and healthy. 

Winter veg is still in full flow and we are harvesting this as we need it - sprouting broccoli, kale, potatoes, cabbages and carrots are still available when we can get out into the fields to harvest it!

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